Why our destinations issue will no longer run


NT News

The cover for the 2021 Destinations. After 47 years he News will stop running the Destinations Issue due to declining submissions

For the first time in over 47 years, seniors will not be asked to share their post high school destination with the News this year. The tradition of publishing the colleges, military service, job and gap years of graduating seniors dates back to the 1920’s, and has been a consistent part of our coverage since 1975. 

Our decision to not publish the Destinations issue was not an easy one, but over the last several years, the popularity of the issue has declined, and alongside administrative requests to cut the issue because of its competitive nature, we have decided this year to discontinue the Destinations portion of the paper. 

While we started this tradition to celebrate the accomplishments of graduating seniors and to “help seniors keep contact with friends and acquaintances,” we understand that there might be conflicting emotions for seniors to have a college associated with their name, or to see classmates attend a school that perhaps rejected them. 

Additionally, we have found a declining trend in submissions for our issue in past years. Each year, we send a survey to the seniors, asking them what their plans are for the upcoming year. Last year we received just over 400 responses of the 1000 seniors. 

This may be due to the rise in popularity for the Instagram account that is dedicated to sharing seniors’ destinations along with the rise of social media in general that keeps friends and acquaintances connected. 

While we will no longer include destinations, the News will continue the tradition of publishing a Graduation issue. We want to commemorate the senior class’ years at New Trier as well as their  graduation, creating a newspaper edition that can be a part of each families’ memorabilia.

Seniors, be on the lookout for the paper in the mailbox after graduation!