Tardies take on a new, and justifiable, meaning this year

While the detentions seem harsh, they’re in place for a reason



Every tardy will earn a warning from the Adviser Chair, as well as a subsequent detention if a student continues to be tardy

Out of all the complaints among the hallways, the loudest one happens to concern our latest student attendance policy, especially when it comes to tardies. The 2022-2023 Guidebook outlines the consequences of tardiness in prominent blue. The first tardy of the quarter results in a warning from the Adviser Chair, and any subsequent tardies earn a detention. 

 Because of traffic and student lines jamming the entrances, advisery is the most common way to be tardy. Oftentimes, students end up scanning their IDs at the front entrance past the 8:20 a.m. cutoff, prompting an automatic tardy mark in PowerSchool. Parents can excuse the student in PowerSchool if they act by 8:30. This automatic mark began this year, so the coffee shop we used to make plans for suddenly becomes Room 301: the detention room.

This year, scanners are stationed at every entrance and are here to stay

Yes, this year’s attendance policy is a hard pill to swallow. All of us in this building have, for the most part, experienced a fairly relaxed attendance policy. So for the administration to suddenly keep us in line feels jarring. The reality, however, is that a policy akin to this had been in place for years before Covid hit. Instead of scanners, there were sign-in sheets which were used to record students entering the building after 8:15 (which is when advisery began in those days) with detention. The issue with those sign-in sheets, however, is that they weren’t kept at all entrances, so some students could find unguarded entrances to sneak their way through. 

This year, scanners are stationed at every entrance and are here to stay. Cue the cacophony of groans. We know, it feels unfair after cruising through these years with very little, if any, repercussions. For students who like to sleep in, this truly is a wake-up call, pun intended. For students who physically cannot get in the building on time, talking to the Adviser Chairs is a necessary and practical step to find a way to avoid being marked tardy.

Some people are late because of extenuating circumstances, not simply because they slept through an alarm. But Adviser Chairs are understanding towards those with extenuating situations. So talk to them. They will help find a sustainable solution to get you to school on time.

There was a temporary hiatus in PowerSchool where the absence forms stopped functioning properly. Many of us complain about PowerSchool lagging, but the reality is that there has been a solution all along. We can simply have our parents or guardians (who are the ones supposed to be excusing us in the first place) contact the attendance office and let them know of a potential absence or tardy.

It’s fair to expect the grumbling, but the school is trying to do this for two good reasons. The first is stronger security– while these scanners may catch us past 8:19, they are programmed to catch intruders as well, and keep the building safe for all of us. The second is encouraging punctuality. Being on time, no matter whether it is for advisery or for math class, is a show of respect. It displays a readiness to come and learn, and that readiness is what prepares us for what comes next. So let’s be on time– while our school dismisses our tardies with a detention slip, real life won’t be that forgiving.