Student Alliance announces new officers

New....president and officers start planning for the next year

Jessa Snower

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Student Alliance is prepared to make a big difference next year and support the needs of the student body with the new leaders that were chosen in the election, Friday March 10th.

The 2017 Student government will be led by president Jacob Imber. Imber’s main goals for next year are to implement at least one day every semester where teachers can’t assign homework.

“This is a project that student alliance has taken on in the past, and I feel confident that we could get it passed with hard work and strong support,” Imber said.

His other goals include allowing food and drink in the library, improve wifi connection and most importantly Imber wants to make sure the student body is being heard.

Every project Student Alliance wants to accomplish has to be approved by administrators. Each member of Student Alliance has to be comfortable with a project and then present it to the administration so they can choose whether to implement it. Sometimes it can take several school years but the members say it’s worth each of the board members contributing and communicating with the administrators.

This year 1,329 sophomores and juniors voted making it a 70 percent voter turnout. This was 13.5 percent more than last year.

This year’s turnout is good for the club and shows how students are able to get involved by voting and have a say in the student government.

The club this year created a vision statement, which read in part, “We strive to advocate on behalf of all student voices to enhance the New Trier experience.” This statement captures what the club hopes to accomplish in future school years.

“The sponsors’ goal is to support the Student Alliance by helping them seek new opportunities to actively live out that vision. This could involve engaging more students, use of the new building and new facilities, and continually enhancing our PR to reach more of the student body,” Sponsor Stacy Kolack said.

Voters have a big responsibility in determining the new leadership of the Student Alliance. These leadership roles are important for the clubs of the activities program.

“These clubs serve the student body at large so responsible, reliable and passionate students are needed to lead these groups. The students’ vote is a critical part of this process, and should be based on who the students truly feel are the best candidates for the job,” Kolack said.

Junior Ellie Pass said, “I did vote and I think it is important for there to be a student government because the students have a representative who provides a voice.”

As a student not in the club, one of the ways to be involved in student government is to participate in voting.

“I think it’s important to vote because we are given the opportunity to express our opinion by voting for who you think would make the most positive impact or change in the school,” Junior Catherine Morris said.

The Student Alliance has succeeded in making students’ voices heard. They created a bulletin board near the second floor rotunda so people can send in suggestions. Imber worked with food providers to bring in new food including pasta, sushi and other options to the cafeteria.

He also helped unblock social media from the school’s Wi-Fi and met with administrators about the current advisor system.

Last year, the club came up with a project for #hashtaglunchbagchicago, where the grade raised more than 4000 granola bars and over 1500 decorated bags for homeless people in Chicago.

On Friday, SA extended the Porta-Potty contract for fall and spring athletes and worked with PPS to fix more than half of the water fountains and bathrooms in the school.

“I think we would make a great team. I have gotten to know Jacob this year as a member of the board. I would be able to complement his leadership with my different perspective,” Vice President Bill Yen said.

“I could not be more excited to serve as next year’s president. I hope that anyone with ideas or concerns feels free to contact me in person or through student alliance, and I look forward to working with the entire New Trier community,” Jacob Imber said.

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