Editorial board announces next year’s editors



The 2021-2022 editors take one last picture together on their final day of class

As the 2021-2022 school year draws to a close, the current New Trier editorial board is delighted to announce our executive members for next year. 

Serving the role of Editor-in-Chief, incoming seniors Sarah Lin and Maya Ramaswamy will be heading the 2022-2023 staff!

Next year will be Sarah’s third year writing for the News, and Maya’s second year. Both are eager to take charge of the paper, recruit new members and implement their own ideas. 

The co-editors-in-chief specifically intend to focus on strengthening the digital platform and releasing more print editions. 

“I want to dedicate time to making the New Trier News more accessible for every student,” said Sarah. “The work we write and do is incredibly important and entertaining, so it is my personal goal to expand our social media presence and continue informing the student body.”

Maya is most excited to spend more time with the journalism team on layout nights, getting to know everyone while designing the print edition. 

“I can picture late nights huddled together while we all try finishing up a layout for the next round of papers, and empty pizza boxes piled in one corner,” said Maya. “Hopefully with more flexibility when it comes to the print editions of the paper, these late nights can result in mornings of curiosity, banter, and laughs from the school audience in response to our paper.”

In order to revitalize the print editions, both editors plan to bring in cartoonists from NT art programs.

“I am super excited to make the paper more colorful,” said Maya. “Our audience can be attracted not just to the witty headlines, but also the bolded caricatures with goofy smiles.”

Sarah and Maya will be joined by Ana Torresarpi, the managing print editor, and Said Aydin, the managing digital editor. As well as their managing roles, Ana will also be a features editor and Said will be an opinions editor. Both are heading into their third year writing for the newspaper. 

Ana is looking forward to stepping outside of her comfort zone with her writing, with the two years of experience she now has under her belt. 

“I want to cover more controversial pieces, whether that be features, or news, or opinions,” said Ana. “I hope to spotlight key social justice issues and activists, especially for women’s and LGBTQ+ rights.” 

The 2022-2023 school year will be the first year with an official digital editor, as the New Trier News shifts towards more of an online publication. With his new role, Said hopes to pair with the broadcast journalism department and create a more robust multimedia approach. 

For Said, “garnering a closer relationship with broadcast journalism and the administration will help make the New Trier News more relevant, and thus more impactful, in the eyes of the student body.” 

With all of their hard work and dedication, the New Trier News is in for an amazing year. 

“I’m proud to be representing the News,” said Sarah.