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Ski and snowboard club venture into Granite Peak for weekend trip

Henry Gilson on his way to Granite Peak in Wisconsin
Caroline Bewley, News Editor February 7, 2020

This past weekend, the Ski and Snowboard Club made the four-hour trip to Wisconsin resort Granite Peak, where the members enjoyed a few days of fun on the slopes. The club, which goes on two...

Teachers break convention with innovative new finals

Simren Dadwani, News Editor February 7, 2020

Over, time the concept of finals has developed from traditional tests into more creative ways to test students on the concepts they have learned all semester. However, many teachers still do...

Gap year: more options after high school

Carsten Sheehan, Staff Reporter February 7, 2020

On Jan. 25, New Trier hosted the 2020 USA Gap Year Fair which introduced seniors to other post-high school options besides going straight to college. In the US, gap years have garnered the reputation...

NT alum publishes memoir about life as journalist

In 1985, Peter Copeland reported on Mexican drug trafficking via helicopter with the Mexican army
Mary Elizabeth Parks, Staff Reporter January 17, 2020

When journalist and author Peter Copeland graduated from New Trier in 1975, he did not have a strong sense of what he wanted to do in the future. Forty-four years later, at the Book Stall of Winnetka...

Student Council Corner: 1/17/2020

Max Rosen, Guest Writer January 17, 2020

“What has Student Council done for me?” It’s a common question, and in this second issue of the Student Council Corner, we are going to update you on what we have been doing on behalf of...

Junior student spends summer as a monk

Dhiantravan (center) practicing as a novice buddhist monk
Amelia Jacobson, Features Editor January 17, 2020

Last summer, junior Silpol Dhiantravan became a novice monk, known as a samanera, at Wat Bowonniwet Vihara in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. During a month-long ordination, Dhiantravan stayed...

NT’s favorite substitute teacher: Mr. Nebojsa Acimovic

NT’s favorite substitute teacher: Mr. Nebojsa Acimovic
Simren Dadwani, News Editor December 20, 2019

Before substitute teacher, Nebojsa Acimovic also known as Mr. Neb came to New Trier, he had spent 18 years in forgeign services. “I used to be a diplomat and even though my job didn’t change,...

Won’t you be my neighbor? Mr. Rogers revisited in new film

Graham Ambrose, Features Editor December 20, 2019

Fred Rogers with his songs, unforgettable songs, sweaters, and smiles taught kids pivotal life lessons about divorce, war, and even bereavement. His show reached millions of American children over...

Worm on a string club: The dream that could have been

Squirmles were created in the 90s but have become popular
Carsten Sheehan, Staff Reporter December 20, 2019

New Trier has many clubs for many different kinds of people. If someone wants to make a club about their culture or their original board game, they have the opportunity to do that. One club...

Student Council Corner

Student Council Corner
Max Rosen, Guest Writer December 20, 2019

As part of our commitment to transparency with the student body, Student Council is excited to be working with the New Trier News to bring you the Student Council column. This will update you...

Consult the stars to learn what the end of the year means for you

Hope Talbot, News Editor December 20, 2019

Aries: This is a great week for relationships, Aries. Your ruling planet is working with Saturn and Pluto to make partnerships stronger for you. You might find yourselfthinking a lot about the...

Sexual Assault Prevention Club in the works

Mattea Carberry, Features Editor December 13, 2019

Junior Annie Thornton feels it’s time to bring the conversation of sexual assault to the forefront. She has entered the early stages of organizing a sexual assault prevention club for students. She...

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