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A hybrid meeting of Model UN

COVID and clubs: How our clubs have changed

Graham Ambrose, Features Editor December 10, 2020

Shakespeare Club, like many others, has adapted to the pandemic by doing things differently this year.  “I think Shakespeare Club is really connected with the outside community this year,” said...

Like so many other New Trier families, the Alberts celebrated a laid-back Thanksgiving this year.

A relaxed Thanksgiving in the most stressful times

Quentin Reeb, Features Editor December 7, 2020

A lot of New Trier families weren’t able to come together in full this year, seemingly stripping the holiday of much of its core value. After all, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a meal with distant...

Still from Amour, which is among many foreign films which depict life with great simplicity, detail, and beauty

Foreign films: soothing to the soul

Mattea Carberry, Features Editor November 19, 2020

I’m not one who really enjoys watching movies by myself. But a while ago, I was bored and really just wanted to sit and watch something. That night, I wound up watching the film Bicycle Thieves (1948,...

The New Trier Beard Team is garnering funds for The Movember foundation

Movember: putting men’s health in the spotlight

Graham Ambrose, Features Editor November 10, 2020

We assign all sorts of titles and designations to virtually every month of the year, from February’s Black History Month to June’s LGBT Pride Month to May’s Mental Health month.       One...

Fontanettas experience and charisma helped him to become the first athletic director elected to the IHSA Board of Directors

Augie Fontanetta first athletic director to join IHSA board of directors

Quentin Reeb, Features Editor October 26, 2020

Athletic Director Augie Fontanetta has been elected to the Illinois High School Association Board of Directors, a position that’s typically reserved for school principals, becoming the first athletic...

The sun domineers over the transformed Winnetka Campus

Bedrooms and basements vs classrooms and commons

Graham Ambrose, Features Editor October 24, 2020

After months of deliberating, New Trier unveiled a 36-page plan to gradually welcome students back into physical school on Oct. 6. The plan established several guidelines, such as prohibiting students...

The rising sun peaking through a thin haze of clouds the morning of Oct. 11

Finding peace in predictable unpredictability

Mattea Carberry, Features Editor October 23, 2020

I’m sitting on a blanket I’ve laid out on the beach. It’s 6:54 a.m. The sun is due to rise soon.  It’s Monday, and we don’t have school. So I’m here, gazing out at the vast lake and the...

Twenty-five percent of the student body attended school in-person on Oct. 6 for the first time since the spring.

My first day back: Some thoughts – and tips – on returning to school and surviving.

Mattea Carberry, Features Editor October 6, 2020

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, 25% of the student body returned to the New Trier campus for the first time since last spring. Assuming students were healthy and thus able to acquire the bar code required for entry,...

The University of Edinburgh, a top destination among U.K. schools, is also a popular choice for students looking for a school outside the country

Applying to schools outside the U.S. puts students in driver’s seat

Quentin Reeb, Features Editor October 2, 2020

In a time when many universities are operating remotely, studying abroad may not even cross students’ minds. Some alumni, however, did not let 2020’s pandemic stop them from applying and enrolling...

Lawrence University in Appleton Wi. continues to host tours to prospective students during the pandemic

COVID and college searches: how students are adapting

Graham Ambrose, Features Editor October 2, 2020

While there are still a few students touring their schools in-person, in the age of COVID-19, most are finding new ways to visit their top choice schools; whether it’s over Zoom seminars or virtual 360...

Multiple hours of Zoom classes tiring students out

Students find ways to get the most out of online classes

Caroline Bewley, News Editor October 2, 2020

A month into remote learning, students are figuring out  ways to stay focused and make the most of their online classes—or just to survive them. Their tips range from napping in between classes to taking...

Science teacher John Miller distributes Physics materials on Trevian Way

Teachers turn to unique strategies during remote learning

Simren Dadwani, News Editor October 2, 2020

With the school year beginning Aug. 26, teachers have implemented several ideas to make their classroom more engaging and productive during remote learning.  At the beginning of the school year, New...

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