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Challah Talk: nosh, banter, and deep thoughts

The show is a hit among students
Michael Howie, Staff Reporter December 13, 2019

The recording studio is electric today, just like it is every Thursday. Seniors Jack Yonover and Bobby Becker have created something quite unique: A podcast entitled “Challah Talk.” Of their...

Exchange students join NT

Amelia Jacobson, Features Editor December 13, 2019

This school year, 5 exchange students, through the AFS Intercultural Program, are attending New Trier. Two of those students are Seniors Marta Ravazzoni andCamilla Petrelli, who are from Italy. Ravazzoni...

Library celebrates Sesame Street’s 50th

The character display is sized to scale, including the 8'2
Grant Feldman, Features Editor December 6, 2019

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the beloved children’s show “Sesame Street,” which first aired in Nov. 1969. To commemorate the show’s anniversary, Librarian Susan Peterson and her colleagues...

Trump’s impeachment: what you need to quid pro know

Trump’s impeachment: what you need to quid pro know
Hope Talbot, News Editor December 6, 2019

 As if Trump’s tweets weren’t difficult enough, it feels like the impeachment investigation only gets more confusing. Below is a play by play of the key players in what’s happening in Washington....

Sports journalist K.C. Johnson talks Bulls at Lit Fest

Johnson touched on a range of subjects, from his upbringing to his current position at NBC Sports
Grant Feldman, Features Editor November 15, 2019

For the second year in a row, well-known Chicago Bulls journalist K.C. Johnson spoke at the New Trier Literary Festival.  This year marked the 16th annual Lit Fest, where students in senior writing...

Movember returns to NT

Cleo Pool, Co-Editor in Chief November 15, 2019

This November, juniors Ben Yoder and Matt Booden are taking part in No Shave November for the second year in a row. No Shave November also known as Movember is a charity that supports prostate cancer,...

I’m not just: a New Trier student

Moerschel’s passion for radio has landed him spots at professional stations
Nadia Jaikaran, Features Editor November 15, 2019

At New Trier, many students face the issue of balancing academics and extracurriculars. For some, academics takes up a significant percentage of their day, resulting in less time to participate in activities...

Desks with graffiti: Where do they go?

Grant Feldman, Features Editor November 1, 2019

Ask students and they will most likely tell you they have seen something written on a desk at school. Sometimes it’s a harmless, pencil-drawn doodle, and sometimes an offensive message carved into the...

Controversial movie prompts polarizing reviews

Mattea Carberry, Features Editor November 1, 2019

The film “Joker,” released on Oct. 4, has been met with both immense criticism and lavish praise. The film depicts how the character of mentally ill Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, morphs...

Ten Questions with security guard Dimitri Martinez

Simren Dadwani, News Editor October 18, 2019

What is your NT job position? My position at NT is being a campus security. Where were you born? I was born in Los Angeles, California. What is your favorite time of the year? My favorite time of...

Advanced health class for upperclassmen

Simren Dadwani, News Editor October 18, 2019

After completing the sophomore health class that is required for all students, many kids decide to take advanced health which goes into more depth about the physical, emotional, and well-being of people. This...

States rename Columbus Day to recognize the victims of Native American genocide

Hope Talbot, News Editor October 18, 2019

This year, the schools’ fall break did not include one of our nation’s most controversial federal holidays-Columbus Day. October 14th marks the observation of Christopher Columbus’s landing in the...

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