Teachers break convention with innovative new finals

Alternative methods to the traditional 90 minute final have become increasingly popular in recent years among NT teachers

Over, time the concept of finals has developed from traditional tests into more creative ways to test students on the concepts they have learned all semester.

However, many teachers still do the typical multiple choice test with a scantron and a part for short answers.

“I feel as though there is little variety in finals in every department and it is fairly similar every year” said junior Halle Fink.

However some teachers make their final a project or an essay which seem to make it easier for students.

“Most of my finals have been multiple choice, but some of them have been essays, short answers, or projects” said junior Amelia Senior.

Essays seem to be super convenient for students because it gives them the opportunity to express their ideas.

“My favorite type of final is the English final. This year we were able to write an essay about our independent reading book and it was so great because I was actually interested in what I was writing” said junior Meghan Surico.

Some teachers go out of the box and have students take the final or work on the final before the actual day of the final.

“For my math final, I had the test over three days. It was super convenient because it spread the test out and it wasn’t as stressful as a regular final” said Surico.

Although MCL classes normally don’t have finals, most classes take LPA’s to test students’ understanding of the language in reading, writing, and listening.

“For my Spanish class this year, we did interpretive speaking and listening with an art project” said junior Karsten Kabak.

When it comes to finals, many students get stressed trying to study for multiple subjects in a short time period.

“My finals have always consistently been my course classes and were the average 90 minutes. I have taken Biology, Chemistry, History, and Physics finals thus farand have thought that they were a lot easier than I made them out to be,” said Kabak.

Some teachers include notecards for students to use as a helpful tool during the final.

“One of my finals allowed a notecard cut in half in a triangle shape” said

Finals, although most remain traditional, have been changing and conforming to how students would rather prefer, such as projects and essays rather than regular multiple choice and short answer tests.