Health services gets overdue recognition

Health Services department wins Hearts to Compassion Award


New trier

The health service department receiving the Hearts to Compassion Award at a ceremony

This spring New Trier’s health services department won the “hearts to compassion” award for their dedication to students’ health and well being. 

Over the last two years, the school nurses have upheld a strong front by communicating to parents, staff and students regarding new COVID protocols. They’ve also worked to reduce outbreaks and to keep our school healthy throughout the pandemic. 


The last two years has been such an ordeal at times with a crushing workload for us”

,” said Winnetka Campus Nurse Laurie Cavalier.  

    The Hearts To Compassion award is for school staff who have shown compassion and deep regard for others in the community. The award started in 2006 when Psychiatrist Bernard I Lifson, M.D., died and left the eternal mark of compassion and regard for others in the New Trier community according to the social work department.

    The award is only granted to New Trier staff members, including security members and specific teachers. It is given by the members of the township board.

    Along with the hearts to compassion award, the health service department won the Illinois State Board of Education Award for those who excel. They were nominated by the school administration for their hard work and accomplishments over the last two years. 

    “So we’re actually going down state in August, for a weekend for this statewide celebration” said Cavalier.

    As the health services department continues to evolve they will make more changes to be more efficient and more technological.

“We have kind of gotten up with the times and made Google working documents that we all work off of. The nurses office is really trying to be a little more technologically savvy, too,” said Cavalier. 

    Nurses contribute to the school in many ways, including building relationships with each department to ensure students and staff have enough resources.

“We work very closely with other disciplines like social work and the athletic trainer department. We like having a real, healthy, positive relationship with both those disciplines. We need each other to function,” said Nurse Lynn Morris. 

    During the pandemic, covid regulations continually changed and nurses would have to change protocols and rules to keep the students and staff safe and covid free. Their communication helped make it clear to parents and students how protocols worked everyday. 

    An important safety system they came up with was the RUVNA system. Parents would receive a form every morning which checked off any symptoms a student may have that would indicate Covid-19 and then a QR code was given to the parent which was used to scan into school every morning. This ensured the most safety for the students attending in-school learning.