Twins and triplets in the spotlight

Hagedorn triplets describe balancing independence and collectivity



Bridget, Kelly, and Sabrina Hagedorn getting their licenses

Multiple occasions over the past few years have placed New Trier’s twins and triplets in the spotlight, continuing with a talk show this year.

On Feb. 15, a producer from the TV talk show, “Windy City LIVE”, came for a quick follow-up interview with the record setting class of twins to include in their twin-themed show which aired Feb. 22, according to an email the school sent to the parents of twins and triplets.

Junior triplets Bridget, Kelly, and Sabrina Hagedorn attended this filming in which they, and the other duos and trios who came, taped a section preceding a commercial break. The three acknowledge that this event wasn’t as big of a deal as it has been in the past.

“I feel like the big thing was last year when all of the news outlets came to school and interviewed the twins and triplets,” said Bridget. “This year it was just a progression.”

Despite all the attention that surrounded the records set by the twins and triplets in the last few years, the Hagedorns didn’t get to take full part in it.

“They said we could get into one or two shots, but we didn’t have the proper registration so we weren’t allowed to be interviewed,” said Bridget.

But the fact that they were allowed to be in some of the pictures amounted to nothing due to their lack of proper registration.

“And the pictures we were in, they would not be going in the book,” said Sabrina.

Not only that, but they noted they never received copies of the pictures they were in. To them, what was more disappointing was the fact that they always had to shoot down the assumption family members made that they were included in the world record.

“We had people asking ‘oh, I heard you were on that show,’” said Bridget. “We had to explain the whole story and it was rough.”

Though they weren’t able to take much part in the excitement that surrounded the record number of twins, being triplets has still played a significant role in their lives.

“You become really close,” Sabrina said. “We’re all each other’s best friends.”

The other two agreed that the bond they share is unique and special.

“When you’re together it doesn’t feel like you have to hang out or spend time with them, it’s just very natural,” Bridget said.

Not only do they have built-in friends among the three of them, but their connection also makes it easier to socialize with others.

“It’s really nice because you kind of have built-in friend groups,” Kelly said.

Despite some of these upsides, they acknowledge the fact that they sometimes have struggled with being looked at as individuals.

“It’s been hard because in the past we’ve been treated very collectively,” said Bridget. “Like in our family, we’re ‘the triplets’ or ‘the girls.’”

The three sisters agree that being triplets has made their lives better and life would look completely different if they hadn’t been born that way.

“[I think] I’d be much more individual with everything in my life,” said Kelly.

But though she acknowledges life would be different, Sabrina thinks she wouldn’t feel any more individual if she didn’t have two sisters in her grade.

“I don’t know if I would feel more independent,” she said. “Because I feel really independent with all of us being in the same grade. I feel like we’re all spaced out since we still have all our different friend groups and stuff like that.”

Due to their collective front, they intentionally tried to remain independent going into high school. But as they near college, they are unsure of exactly what they want for the three of them.

“We thought that we would be separate going into high school,” said Bridget. “But in college it’s like ‘do we really want that?’”

No matter what happens, they know they will stay in touch and their bond as friends and sisters will keep them connected.

Sabrina said, “If you need help on something or you feel like you want to talk to somebody in your family, you always have someone of both of them if you need.”