Bittersweet goodbye

It is such a strange feeling knowing that high school is over for me. Not to sound cliché here, but those four years flew by.
I remember being an awkward, shy freshman like it was yesterday. It’s true, high school went by fast, but it is crazy to think about how much has happened in these four years.
I went through four different high school sports, made a lot of new friends, joined the newspaper, and even got my first job.
It’s weird, though. As I was trying to come up with that list, I struggled to really remember the monumental moments of my high school career. I’m not sure if it’s because I am writing this article at 12 AM the night before it’s due, or if I am just purely overwhelmed by the amount of amazing experiences I have had here at New Trier. It’s been a great four years.
Am I ready to leave? Absolutely. But then again, leaving is bittersweet. I will never again be sitting in these exact same stuffy classrooms or walking down the cramped hallways. Although these may seem like things that anyone would want to get away from, they are still a part of the memories.
I think the scariest part about leaving is knowing that I won’t see most of these people ever again. Who knows, I might run into a Class of 2015 alum in twenty years while walking down the streets of New York City. Highly doubtful though, right?
I love the friends that I have here and the people I’ve met, but I still did not get to know a majority of the senior class.
Just the other day I was talking to someone who mentioned the name of a fellow senior and, in all honesty, I had never even heard the name before. It’s a huge school, but still, how sad is that? I don’t like thinking that I may have missed an opportunity to meet some really cool people.
I feel like there are only two mindsets for people leaving for college. One is the “I am so ready to get out of here” while the other is “high school forever.”
I might be the one individual who is stuck in the middle. There is so much to look forward to in college, but leaving my friends is going to be difficult. That is what I am struggling with.
It really hasn’t hit me yet, but it’s strange knowing that I will not see my best friends for months on end when I usually see them every single day.
To all of the freshman, sophomores, juniors, and incoming seniors- enjoy your time here. Take advantage of all opportunities.
So I guess this is goodbye? Writing for this newspaper has really been one of my best experiences at New Trier, so it’s going to be hard to leave this behind. Thanks to everyone who actually read my articles. I know there may only be a few of you, but just know that I am very appreciative to you all.
Maybe I’ll be writing for the DePauw newspaper next year; you never know. It’s been fun, but it’s time to pass on this position to next year’s opinion editors. Good luck filling these shoes! Kidding (kind of).
It’s been real. See you, NT.