Four tips for a fantastic prom

Here are some preliminary to-do’s to make YOUR prom worth it



Prom goers revel at prom 2022. For newbies this year, be prepared for prom this years, including extra pairs of shoes.

As prom is now upon us, there are many tips for those who are new, whether it’s the preparation process, where to find a dress, or just basic etiquette. I’ve listed out four tips that will help enhance your experience and make the night go as smoothly as possible. 

1.Heels and mosh pit don’t mix

Do not wear heels in the mosh pit. I know that there is not much else to do at prom, and you should definitely go if you want, but please bring shoes that are not heels. Your feet will get stepped on. My foot was bruised for a month after prom when I went in heels. Also do not go barefoot, nobody wants to see that.

2.Tanning is not made for self on prom night

If you are going to get a tan, please do not do it yourself. It does not matter if you are good at it. You are much more likely to make a mistake if you do it yourself rather than get it professionally done. There are many places around the Northshore where you can get it done, some being done as quickly as fifteen minutes. My personal favorite places are Allure and L.A. Tan.

3.Ties aren’t last minute commodities

Men, this one’s for you: do not do your tie shopping at the last minute. Trying to find a tie that matches the color of your date’s dress can be challenging and you need to be ready to look at multiple places. Your date will be happy if you do a good job coordinating.

4.You can’t survive without the Band-aids and shoes

Bring Band-aids for your heels. You do so much walking around for pictures, going to prom, the dance itself, etc. Most heels, with the amount of time you’re using them, will start to leave blisters. It will leave you uncomfortable for the rest of the night, and for days after. To ensure you’re not uncomfortable for the rest of the night after prom, remember to bring an extra, comfortable pair of shoes to the after-party.