Students excited for return of prom

Prom reaction proves students value tradition


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Promotional poster for Prom Night 2022, to be held on May 14

We all know the cliché prom in coming-of-age movies: floor length gowns, slow dancing on the dance floor, and that awkward portrait taken at the photo booth. Deep down many students desire this typical yet vital teenage experience, and while New Trier’s event might stray from the cliché, students say they are excited to go this year.

“The traditions are so much fun, I’m so excited about going to the city and spending time with friends,” said Junior Victoria Romic. 

Following 2 years of Covid-compromised proms, New Trier will return to hosting the traditional event once again. According to Junior Adviser Chair Patricia Sheridan, this means that prom will be hosted at The Hyatt Regency in Chicago on May 14, 7:00 – 11:00 PM as it has been for about the past 15 years, excluding the previous 2. The theme will be Walk the Red Carpet.

I’m excited about getting dressed up and I’m just excited about going downtown with my friends and the school hasn’t done that in a while”

— Emma Neumann

Current juniors and seniors have not attended Prom before, which has increased hype for the event around school.

After the announcement about returning to the traditional prom occasion, students like Junior Emma Neumann expressed their excitement.

“I’m excited about getting dressed up and I’m just excited about going downtown with my friends and the school hasn’t done that in a while.”

Junior Caitlin Cohen agrees that it is a great opportunity to enjoy a fun night through the school, “I love seeing everyone so excited and having a great time and fun at the school event.” 

After restrictions due to Covid, juniors and seniors are excited to return to the original plans for the event. Sheridan expresses her elation for the students.

“This is such an exciting event, especially for our senior class as well as our juniors and we’re really excited to bring back the same kind of venue.” 

Many students were unsure if prom would return to its original tradition; senior Jessica Ibreavia shares her joy around the return of tradition.

“I like seeing a traditional event [taking place], it shows how much we value tradition at a New Trier.” 

While traditions are valuable, they are also evolving for the better. Junior Adviser Chair Greg Sego says that while traditions are valuable, they can change for the better. 

“I think when we talk about traditions from many years ago, proms we’re typically events where you’d have a date. We’ve really tried to change the messaging around this event to make sure all feel welcomed.”

Sego adds that they have tried to make school dances a welcoming experience.

“We feel strongly that all students should partake in one of the dances at some point during their careers.” 

School dances are fun traditions which give an opportunity to enjoy time with friends and classmates. 

Sego agrees that this event is inclusive and should be enjoyable. 

“We just want it to be an inclusive event where everybody can feel part of something special,” said Sego.