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Students discuss impact of COVID-19 on New Trier community

Some families have started stockpiling food and disinfectant products because of the novel coronavirus
Nicholas Wilson, Staff Reporter March 13, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has spread around the world, leading to concern among New Trier students and families. On Feb. 28 New Trier sent out an email that updated families on the potential impact the...

Dolin, Casey speak on Student Council plans for 20-21 school year

L-R: Emma Taylor, Isabel Mangum, Kenny Dolin, Cat Cohen, Aiden Casey, the 2020-2021 student council
Brooks Herb, Sports Editor March 13, 2020

As the Democratic Primaries have taken the country by storm, New Trier held its own elections on March 3 and 5. Junior Kenny Dolin won the presidential election, junior Aiden Casey was chosen as the Student...

Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy

BSA plans to sell its Norman Rockwell collection including this painting called An Army of Friendship to pay for legal fees
Hope Talbot, News Editor March 7, 2020

Boy Scouts of America is filing for bankruptcy after eight new men sued the organization for sexual abuse they endured as children at the hands of scout leaders. There are 1,551 lawsuits accusing...

Students, staff collaborate to create mental health Lunch and Learns

Students can attend the Lunch and Learns monthly to discuss mental health
Casey Bertocchi, Sports Editor March 6, 2020

As a result of high stress levels among students, New Trier has created a mental health lunch group to teach students how to improve their mental health and manage their stress. The Lunch and...

Lad and Lassie closes after 67 years

Students look back on Lad and Lassie with nostalgia after closing
Hannah Sussman, Co-Editor in Chief March 6, 2020

On February 1st Lad and Lassie, a staple of the North Shore community, closed after 67 years of providing goods and services. While the closing of Lad and Lassie marks a loss for the many generations...

PACE changes in the works

Many students take the Pace bus to and from school every day
Michael Howie, Staff Reporter March 6, 2020

PACE Transit Services is proposing route changes to five local bus routes, an addition of two routes, and a termination of one route following a large study of rider habits conducted beginning...

Students isolated in “quiet rooms” throughout state

Gages Lake High School was described as misusing these rooms in the ProPublica/Tribune report
Frank Zawrazky, Staff Reporter March 6, 2020

Recent reports have shed light on the widespread misuse of quiet rooms. These rooms are meant to protect students from harming themselves or others by isolating them in a safe room for a short...

AP Government students observe caucus in Bettendorf, Iowa

130 AP Government students at the convention center where the Iowa Caucus was held
Alex Rubinstein, News Editor February 21, 2020

The caucus center was electric as Iowans, excited to exercise their voice and to fulfill their civic duty, walked in. Supporters of specific candidates stood at the doors handing out stickers and...

Our government’s manifesto of mistruths

Hope Talbot, News Editor February 21, 2020

On Feb. 4, members of both parties gathered in the House to hear the president’s annual address to the nation, but like most things involving Trump, the event did not come without controversy. While...

How does New Trier handle disciplining hate?

Before and after school detention is held in room 240, pictured above
Hope Talbot, News Editor February 7, 2020

It’s been three months since administration released the N-word presentation to both students and staff. While the four-day advisory seminar reflected on the N-word’s violent history as well...

Large class sizes prove a concern for many

Large class sizes prove a concern for many
Leah Schmidt, News Editor February 7, 2020

Registration is just around the corner, and with that comes a long list of decisions not only for students but also the administration. The most important being class size. After students register...

Students reflect on Holocaust Remembrance Day

PhotosofHolocaustvictimsframetheceilingoftheHallofNamesatYadVashem,theHolocaustMuseuminJerusalem. It is a memorial to each and every Jew who perished in the Holocaust
Alex Rubinstein, News Editor February 7, 2020

International Holocaust Remembrance Day was on Jan. 27, but it was not discussed at school. Students took to Instagram to express their disappointment. Many wanted the administration to at least...

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