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Max Vircol (Left) and Connor Endre (Right) meet up with other ELS students during quarantine

ELS students, parents encouraged by school reopening

Ana Torresarpi, Sports Editor October 27, 2020

While the pandemic has forced most students back to remote learning, special education students are still regularly going to school, and have been since September. That’s because going to school in person...

Operation Warp Speed is putting millions of dollars into developing a COVID vaccine in record time

Some vaccine developers hit snag as the numbers of cases and deaths rise across the country

Simren Dadwani, News Editor October 26, 2020

As numbers of COVID-19 infections are rising at record setting rates throughout the country, there is much anticipation and confusion about whether a vaccine will be available anytime soon.  Through...

New Triers block schedule for the Winnetka campus

Students split on the advantages of block schedules 

Lula Fox, News Editor October 24, 2020

Some students and teachers are finding the school’s block schedule to be exhausting because of unbalanced days and 70-minute Zoom calls. Others, however, say the schedule allows them more time to focus...

A post from the student-led Intersectional Activist Instagram account

Filtering misinformation online becomes obstacle for student activists

Said Aydin, Opinions Editor October 24, 2020

As social media activism becomes more mainstream, spreading misinformation and blatant inaccuracies with the purpose of influencing others has become more prevalent. Even though students think they...

Schools plan strives to promote equity and social well-being 

School’s plan strives to promote equity and social well-being 

Lucas Eisen, Opinions Editor October 24, 2020

Following a spring and summer of racial reckoning, the school is making changes to the New Trier 2030 plan. The Equity Steering Committee, which includes teachers and students of color, has come together...

Rates of active cases and of quarantined students and staff as of Oct. 14. The school will evaluate whether to resume hybrid learning for the week of Oct. 26.

With rising COVID-19 numbers, school stays closed

Hannah Sussman, Co-Editor in Chief October 23, 2020

After transitioning to in-person learning for four days, New Trier returned to virtual learning on Tuesday Oct. 13 because of  a rise in statewide COVID-19 numbers. The school has decided to stay virtual ...

On Mar. 7, 2019, Governor J.B. Pritzker outlines his plan to change Illinois flat-rate state income tax to a graduated structure at the State Capital in Springfield

Illinois graduated income tax: Fair tax or tax hike?

Connor Caserio, Opinions Editor October 23, 2020

In the upcoming Nov. 3 election, Illinois residents will be voting in a referendum on the Illinois Allow for Graduated Income Tax Amendment. This amendment to the Illinois Constitution would eliminate...

An Erikas Lighthouse display from the 2018-2019 school year

Clubs get creative to make service possible

Caroline Bewley, News Editor October 23, 2020

By adapting activities to the online setting, many service clubs are surviving, if not thriving. Erika’s Lighthouse, a club that advocates for mental health awareness, has found that Zoom has made...

A scene from Lagniappe Potpourri: From Scratch. The show, typically performed live, was released  this year in three installments on YouTube

After 82 years, the show must go on, even in the time of Covid

Zach Weiner October 10, 2020

After 82 years, Lagniappe Potpourri went digital as students adapted the show from the stage to the YouTube screen. The pandemic forced this drastic change from the usual live stage show at the school’s...

New Triers cafeteria pre- COVID.

Lunch goes from pressed panini to pre-made meals

Leah Schmidt, News Editor October 9, 2020

To ensure the safety of students the administration has had to change many aspects of food service by offering grab-and-go meals and implementing rules on where to eat and how to order.  Over the last...

Facing new challenges, the class of 2024 starts this year off at home instead of the Northfield campus

Freshmen navigate high school’s challenges, remotely

Caroline Bewley, News Editor October 2, 2020

Normally, the Northfield campus would now be filled with a thousand freshmen, anxiously trying to figure out the quickest way to get to the D building from the B building.  This year is different:...

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