Hocus Pocus

Tia Rotolo

The cult classic, “Hocus Pocus,” comes back to television screens for the Halloween season. As a once-a-year delicacy, the movie brings nostalgia and slight fear for children and adults alike.

The movie follows Max after his move to Salem, Massachusetts from Los Angeles, California. Max, annoyed and bitter because of  his move, lacks interest in Halloween. Forced to take his little sister, Dani, trick or treating and interested in his new classmate, Allison, Max decides to explore the “haunted” cottage of the small town.

While there, Max accidentally summons three witches who were put to death for their witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials back in 1693. Resurrected and ready for more, the witches yearn to suck the souls out of every child in Salem before sunrise and their immediate disintegration. The first victim in their deadly path: Dani. Luckily, the kids make a swift escape, taking the witches’ spellbook with them. What unfolds is a wild goose chase with mythological spells and Halloween hijinks and tricks!

More than twenty years after it came out, the movie remains a classic. With a star-filled cast of Bette Midler in her heyday and Sarah Jessica Parker pre-Carrie Bradshaw, the movie is still fun  to watch now. Diving into the suspense of young kids trying to save the world from soul-sucking witches will always prove to be a favorite past time for the autumn season.