Local journalism matters now more than ever – NT students are helping to provide it

We at the New Trier News are heartbroken to hear that 22nd Century Media has been forced out of business by the impact of the coronavirus. The seven North Shore weekly papers that operated through the company have provided quality journalism and timely updates to our community for 15 years. 

Over 50 staff members and journalists have lost their jobs, and it is upsetting and disheartening to see local papers forced to shut down when quality news and updates have never been more critical. Even once this pandemic is over, our community will miss their essential coverage of local events, sports, and residential politics.

22nd Century Media closing is indicative of the current and future harm the coronavirus will cause local businesses. As this crisis continues and there are more changes in our community, there is a persistent need for residents to read and share their stories.

The staff of the NT News wants to help in the task of documenting the stories and experiences during these unprecedented times. While we may not have the same resources as a commercial paper and we are hopeful that once this pandemic passes they will be able to resume publication, we will do our best to fill the void in local news after 22nd Century Media’s closing. 

Even as a high school paper, we have been feeling the impact of the coronavirus. Though we will have limited ability to interact face-to-face with community members as we adhere to social distancing protocol, we as a staff are committed to providing thoughtful, accurate and breaking news to all North Shore residents. We are only publishing online currently but hope to provide some clarity during these difficult times. 

We have been and will continue to post new stories and updates consistently on Twitter, Instagram, and our website and have a weekly newsletter via email. We also welcome and appreciate any tips, letters to the editors, or photo submissions to [email protected]. Stories can also be submitted using the form below.

Amid this crisis, the NT News staff is eager to serve our community, support local business, and provide residents with the news they need. Local journalism matters now more than ever, and New Trier students are here to provide it.


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