Francis Fay leads on and off the field

Dual sport athlete Francis Fay makes his mark on NT sports

Bella Geroulis, Opinions Editor

Acting as a strong presence on the football team since his freshman year, senior Francis Fay has been a key player to the football program and its success over the past four years.

A dual sport athlete, Fay makes a lasting imprint not just on the football field, but on the baseball diamond as well.

Baseball coach Peter Drevline can attest to Fay’s strength in whatever sport he’s playing, “he’s a well rounded athlete and person, and he has a 100% mentality no matter what sport he’s playing.”

In his own words, Fay says that he “loves every aspect that the football team has to offer.”

From the coaches to the players, he always looks forward to hanging out with a group of guys that he has come to call his best friends.

The team has shaped and sculpted Fay into the person he is today. Though he is unsure if he wants to pursue football in college, he says that the relationships he has cultivated through his athletic career will stay with him for years to come.

The New Trier football program has continued to produce star players each year that keep bringing the team back to the dynasty it once was.

The 2016-2017 roster has achieved a new level of athleticism that the Trevians haven’t seen in years, and Fay has been a leader and a driving force in their success.

Recently, the Trevians beat Maine South, something that hasn’t been done in close to 20 years. As an offensive player, Fay carried the ball over 100 yards and acted as a defensive magician in order to defeat the once undefeatable team.

Football coach Brian Doll said that aside from his achievements on the field, it was Fay’s leadership before the game that “did it for the team.”

The Maine South game was one of Fay’s greatest moments he has ever experienced.

He and his fellow teammates fell to the ground in tears, sharing the moment together as they continued on their success to the postseason.

To be a part of a team that essentially made history is something that Fay says he’ll never take for granted.

Though it can often be overlooked or forgotten, Fay’s skill and agility allowed him to be moved up to Varsity when he was just a sophomore.

Coach Doll went on to say that Fay was moved up at such a young age due to his “speed and size.” As he’s grown up with the team, he’s taken what he’s learned from his predecessors and become a role model for the underclassmen on the team.

Junior Wilson MacRitchie says that Fay has be an inspiration for the younger players, saying “Francis is really energetic and he always sets a good example for the team.”

“He’s a good leader and a really hard worker,” MacRitchie went on to say that next year will be different without Fay, but he’s hopeful that the upcoming seniors will step up to fill Fay’s shoes.

Max Kaufman, who is currently a junior, was also moved up to Varsity when he was a sophomore. Just like Fay, Kaufman worked hard to improve and become the best athlete he could.

With regard to Fay’s work ethic, Kaufman said, “Francis has been extremely focused on making the team better every week.”

“His goal every week since preseason is to make the team ready in every way possible.”

Francis Fay has made a mark in New Trier athletics, and will be remembered long after he graduates, not for only his athleticism but also his sportsmanship and humility.