Students unfazed by flu epidemic

Kelsey Curran

February 7, 2013

After the peak of flu season in December, New Trier went almost untouched by the flu epidemic. School nurse Colleen Sheridan said the number of students home sick was “a little higher in December…like 100, but I didn’t see...

Citrus Sale supporting WNTH

Lizzie Cohan

December 11, 2012

ter season has commenced and holiday cheer is spreading across the student body, we here at New Trier know to expect a knock on the door or a tap on the shoulder, followed by a sales pitch: would you like to purchase some orange...

Lucasfilms, I am your father

Kelsey Curran, Writer

December 11, 2012

Get ready Leia; you aren’t the only princess anymore. Oh, and Darth Vader, you may want to leave your lightsaber at home; weapons aren’t allowed in the Disney parks. On October 30th, Disney cut a deal with Lucasfilm for $4 billion...

But how do other schools see you?

Bella Smith

December 3, 2012

“New Trier…isn’t that the school ‘Mean Girls’ is based on?” Charlotte Woodhams, a junior at the American School in London asked. Even across the seas, New Trier has its reputation. Here at New Trier, students and...