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Dancing at Lolla land

Lollapalooza ticket sale creates frenzy once again among the student body

Katie Kim

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On March 21, students raced to buy Lollapalooza tickets before they sold out.

This year, Lollapalooza will  be held on August 3 to 6. The tickets cost from $120 to $335. Single day tickets, from the official Lollapalooza site itself, were $120 + fees, realistically coming out to $135 to $145. Comparatively, the 4-day passes were $335 + fees.

However, those who couldn’t get tickets from the Lollapalooza ticket venue bought them from other ticket websites like Stubhub, SeatGeek, and Ticketmaster.

Since these other ticket sale websites offer different deals than the official Lollapalooza venue, tickets then are close to $100 to $200 more expensive than the official sales, making it close to $400 to $600 in total of what students spent.

Sophomore Lily Mosele said, “My favorite part is the train ride there. The atmosphere gets you hyped up and excited for experiences you may have never known would happen. Also, you see a bunch of your classmates and school friends on it so it’s like an open invite New Trier party on wheels.”

Junior Alli Schwartz had similar thoughts: “The social aspect of Lollapalooza is a key component on what makes it fun. So many kids from New Trier go and everyone takes the train together. While it’s so chaotic, it is exciting to see everyone again at the end of the summer for this huge event.”

With 4 days of socializing and listening to music, the event can be exhausting.

“It is four days of surviving and thriving. Senior Myles Knight explained.

The festival is also set apart because it’s not only about the music.  It’s also about the people you meet for either 10 seconds or a whole day, the food you get to taste for the first time, and the discovery of new and fun things.

“One of the coolest things about Lollapalooza is the eclectic mix of people that you witness from maybe just walking down the street or dancing in the crowd of your favorite artist,” Kaskey added.

“I look forward to Lollapalooza because I find it interesting knowing that some of the artists you listen to everyday could be performing in the same vicinity as you. Not to mention the food that Lollapalooza serves because it’s basically every restaurant you can think of and because of the variety, I discovered one of my favorite restaurants. The first time I discovered Wow Bao was at Lolla and if I had never gone, I probably wouldn’t have discovered it until later or maybe never at all,” Junior Ian Stone said.

  “I think that Lollapalooza is the festival of youth. It gives us the opportunity to not only have the benefit of being surrounded by music performed by various artists but it also is a good chance for people to experience something different from their normal lives,” Sophomore Jack Reynolds stated.

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Dancing at Lolla land