Art Gallery gets an upgrade in new building

The Ann Brierly gallery opened in its new space this week

Students browse the newly opened Ann Brierly art gallery located on the second floor of the west wing

Students browse the newly opened Ann Brierly art gallery located on the second floor of the west wing



Students browse the newly opened Ann Brierly art gallery located on the second floor of the west wing

Eli Lieberman

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The new Ann Brierly gallery, located just inside the second floor of the west wing, was opened Oct. 13 with a dedication to the Brierly family in addition to a show of a New Trier alumna’s work.

For years, the Ann Brierly gallery was located next to the Gaffney Theatre. It was torn down as part of the renovation.

The gallery is now located on the 3rd floor above the cafeteria and library. Most students pass the gallery regularly.

“It has a lot of frontage so people can see the art from the hallway, and a very accessible area that gets a lot of traffic,” said Art Department Chair Alicia Landes.

This move enables student and professional work alike to become a part of every student’s daily life.

Junior Alessia Liebovich shares Landes’ positivity about the Gallery’s new location.

“I would love if my work was seen by more people. It could help advertise and promote my work,” she said.

Liebovich does not think this added visibility will affect her artwork. “I put the same dedication into all of my work,” said Liebovich.

However, other students seem to feel more nervous by the exposure. Junior Glass Art student Charlie Cohen thinks it could change what he creates, now that more people will see it. “I might change my work to be more appealing to the public.”

The rebuilding of the gallery offered the art department a space that creates more opportunities than before. The new gallery will have more square footage than the previous one, and will contain more pieces and spectators.

Not only has the size increased, but the slanted floors that inhibited shows before are a thing of the past. Landes recalled that the old space’s crooked structure had posed many issues.

“It was always hard to hang stuff straight. It was hard to have pedestals on the floor to hold 3D pieces,” she said.

Having straight floors seems like a simple fix, but part of what makes the new gallery so exciting is its simplicity.

The art department’s goal was to emphasize the work displayed within the space. Mark Bowers, a veteran art teacher, is optimistic about the new gallery. “It will allow the art not just to be seen, in a classroom or on a pin-up board, but displayed in a setting where it can be appreciated as fine art,” said Bowers.

This new space aims to give respect to the art, and every detail has been thought out.

Landes said the Art Department worked with the architects on the layout of the room.

“We picked wall materials and how we wanted the layout of the room. We now have moveable walls that allow us a lot more wall space and flexibility with the space.”

This level of detail required inspiration from other schools with similar goals as New Trier. “We did research on galleries in other colleges and universities,” said Landes.

On Oct 13, the gallery was re-dedicated to the Ann Brierly family. There was a feature show of class of ’75 student Jack Nixon, who took part in many art classes in his time at New Trier.

Other professional artists’ work that can connect to the curriculum being taught in art classes will be brought in throughout the year.

The first student art show is an all-school art show beginning on Dec. 4, in which all art students will have their work displayed. After that, the Sender Show will begin Jan 15 and display art from middle school students throughout the district.

This new space has caused much excitement within the department.

“We are so lucky as a school dedicated to showing art from students and outside artists. It’s so important for us to be able to continue our practice,” said Landes.

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