Girls gymnastics team shines on beam

Girls gymnastics take home early season win over Maine East

Alyssa Pak

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On Thursday Nov. 30, girls gymnastics competed against Maine East at their first meet of the season, taking home a win with an overall score of 141.0-117.1.

While the team was largely successful throughout the meet, they had three teammates who were injured and unable to compete. However, this was an obstacle the team was able to overcome.

Sophomore Maeve Murdock said after the meet, she realized that the team is very deep. “A few of our best girls are injured right now, and we still managed to put up a 141 at the first meet, so I know that no matter what we can fill in for each other and make it work.”

The team had exceptional performances from gymnasts on beam, which is one of the most challenging events, as it requires a lot of focus and confidence.

Both the coaches and gymnasts were proud of the way beam went, as the team looked particularly strong.

Sophomore Rachel Zun, who won both floor and bars, said that last season’s beam rotation was inconsistent, but being able to start off this season with such a strong rotation boosted the team’s confidence.

One of those standout beam performances came from junior Zoey Spangler.

Senior captain Emma Rohrer, commented on Spangler’s stellar execution which awarded her a score of 9.45.

“She did her two back handsprings perfectly. The last time she did that skill she took a fall, injuring her knee, and she was out for the season. But she landed them and I was so proud of her.”

Spangler said that she was thrilled because this was one of her best beam routines so far.

Murdock also had a great routine on beam, scoring a 9.55.

Senior captain Caroline Hartman noted that Murdock is consistent at this event. “She’s the state champion on that event and has hit the last 10 routines or so,” said Hartman. Hartman also said that it is unusual to see scores as high as Spangler and Murdock’s so early in the season.

After a strong first meet, the girls were able to pinpoint what they wanted to work on, which was being less nervous and more consistent.

“We just need to keep supporting one another and build each other up so we can compete confidently and be solid on each event. I think this will come with more practice and as we get back into the swing of season,” said Hartman.

Murdock agreed, saying that a lot of nerves came from this being the first meet of the season.

Hartman also added that this meet was relatively low-pressure, since Maine East doesn’t have as strong a team this year.

“I think everyone just wanted to go out and do their best and get the first meet jitters out of the way, especially since many of us were debuting new routines with upgrades from last year,” she said.

Rohrer said she had one big save on beam, earning a score of 9.2. After this meet, she also planned to work more on her consistency.

“I am going to try to do more pressure routines during practice, so it will not be as nerve wracking during competition.”

It was also due to the more relaxed environment that the gymnasts could fully support and cheer for another throughout the meet.

“We weren’t very focused on the outcome of the competition which gave everyone a chance to relax and have fun. The atmosphere was also really great, we have a really close team this year,” said Zun.

Among those who were injured was junior Darcy Barkal who came to the meet to support her teammates. While some teams have difficulty starting the season off with energy, that didn’t seem to be a problem for the gymnastics team. Barkal noted that the meet was packed with energy.

“I was really proud of the team because even if someone fell everyone cheered super loud and it really didn’t affect us,” she said.

While Barkal is no newcomer to the sport, this is her first year on the school team.

“I learned that high school meets are a blast and all about team spirit. I feel like we had a really strong start to the season and it’s only going to go up from here.”

After an impressive first meet, the team is ready to continue honing their skills for what appears to be a promising season.

“We are getting into the heart of season so we are running lots and lots of routines to get more consistent,” stated Hartman.

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